Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 35!!!

First thing this morning I did legs & back. Around 2pm I did Ab RipperX; also did CardioX tonight. I didn't take pictures of all my food today and I had leftover for lunch that nobody else wanted.

While I was fixing a peanut butter sandwich for our little guy and I also made one for me on 1-slice wheat bread. Tomorrow I may stop at wholefood to get some Ezekiel bread.

I use the Costco brand organic peanut butter. I don't really like it I'll stick with Smucker's Organic Creamy Peanut Butter instead.

Baked Southwestern Tilapia with Mashed potato and steamed veggies...


Browne Bombshell said...

Hey Mama,

Where can I go and get ezekial bread? I've been hearing a lot about it but I haven't seen it anywhere. Is it in the normal supermarkets or do I have to go to a whole foods type of store? Anyway... your killling the workouts- 3 in a day. Go ahead with ya bad self. TTYL

FitMama said...

Hey Browne!!!

They have them at wholefoods market. Put your zip code there to locate their products.

I'm doing the doubles program now and it's only 3days a week.