Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 28 & 29!!!

Yesterday I did CardioX instead of YogaX. I only did yoga once since I started P90X and I didn't like it. I may need to invest into this yoga DVD and it's only 30-minutes (Pure and Simple Yoga)

This morning I did Legs & Back and Ab RipperX and I really need to work harder on those legs. Here's a video about yoga...


Browne Bombshell said...

Hey Fit,

Keep pushing on. You'll do great. Now the one thing I suggest is doing the Yoga video. Trust me- you are among many people who just don't like it- including myself. But I suggest trying it for at least 30 minutes and slowly building up to the full 90 minute workout. The 1st time I did Yoga X I was shocked at how I was gasping for air and sweating. It's not the steady jumping & lifting that we have grown accustomed to- but it's definitely a great work out.

1 of my bigges problem w/ the dvd is the music. I had to put on my Ipod and play some slow r&b to get through it b/c the music on the dvd was depressing me. LOL. So maybe that will help you move along.

Wishing you all the best...

FitMama said...

Hi Brownie-

Thanks for the great advice. I’m definitely going to do it for 30-mins and play my own music for now on.