Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Insanity - Recovery Week

Day 29 & Day 30 - Core Cardio and Balance

I’m doing the same workout for the whole week- Core Cardio and Balance for Recovery Week. Let me tell you this is no recovery week, at least not for me because I’m sore right now on my shoulders and I hope the soreness would gone by tomorrow. So today is day30, I lost almost 3lbs (from 130.5 to 127.6) I did take day30 pictures I didn't see any changes on my body at all just little bit on my obliques but I didn't take any measurements. I’m not even gonna post them I’ll wait for day60 (63) and my hubby couldn’t even tell between day1 and day30. Hopefully the magic will happen on day60…lol

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Betty Ray said...

Yeah, Beachbody likes you fool you with the whole "recovery week" thing. LOL I'm sure your results are there, they are just hard to see. I think I'm finally starting to see just a bit of the fat shedding off at week 4. Barely noticeable, but you've got to be getting something from these crazy workouts.