Saturday, September 18, 2010

Insanity - End of Week 4

Day 25- Cardio Recovery
Day 26- Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs
Day 27-Plyometric Cardio Circuit

This morning I did my first month of this insane workout I feel very good. I can’t believe. Recovery week is so closed. I’m so nervous and excited about month2; I’m looking forward to it though and I know I can do it…DIG DEEPER!!!

Lunch was Spinach Lasagna Rolls - Gina's Skinny Taste

This is my favorite lasagna now since found this recipe. That’s my third time making this but first time with whole grain pasta. I had it for lunch so I don't have to feel bad for having two pieces (lol)...Here are the ingredients:

- Whole Grain Lasagna
- Frozen Spinach
- Skim Milk Ricotta Cheese
- Reduced Fat Parmesan Cheese
- Large Brown Egg
- 2% Milk Mozzarella Cheese
- Tomato Sauce
- Italian Seasoning, Salt & Pepper

I ended up having one more :)...


Betty Ray said...

OMG, that looks yummy. And congrats on the first 4 weeks being done. Woohoo!! I hear you're in for it at the start of week 6 though. I'm glad you're going first so I'll know what to expect. But I know you and that new hot bod can conquer it! :)

FitMama said...

Thanks Betty!!! I really hope I can conquer it; I heard it’s very brutal...