Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 2- Day9

Workout- Pure Cardio
Power Walking- 2.32 miles in 32 minutes

After Insanity workout this morning I was able to go a power walk. I put our little man in his stroller and walked 2.32 miles in 32 minutes. I felt so great afterward I got a good sweat out of it.

I made homemade 100% wholewheat thin crust pizza for lunch. Today was my first time having corn in my pizza; I got the idea from Betty Ray and it was so YUMMY.


Betty Ray said...

Yay for corn on pizza! I'm so glad you tried it and like it. And right now, I can't imagine even doing a power walk after Insanity, in fact, I can barely walk 2 feet without pain. Way to go!

FitMama said...

Thanks Betty!!! I'm not too sore anymore. When you're done with week1 of Insanity; you should be fine. :)

Betty Ray said...

That's good to know. My whole ab area is sore today. Especially the obliques. I didn't even feel like we've been doing much ab work, but I guess we are. :) Oh, let us know what you think of Shakeology please.