Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 80 & 81

I have less than 10 days left to be done with P90X and can't wait. This week is my last week and next week will be my recovery week and I'll be done. So this morning was day81 and did back, biceps and ABRX. Yesterday (day80) I brought it with Plyometrics.

My local grocery store (Publix) has Ezekiel breads; they’re in the frozen aisle. So for breakfast I had 1-slice of bread, 3 egg whites with mushrooms and a peach...


Betty Ray said...

Woohoo!! You're in the single digits. Way to go!
I've always wondered why most stores only have that bread frozen. My Whole Foods has it there too. For the longest time I jsut thought they didn't carry it.

FitMama said...

YES single digits!!! Thanks Betty :)

And they don't have an expiration date on it.