Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week 7 of Insanity cont'd

Day 45- Max Interval Pyo
Day 46- Max Recovery

I’ve been doing some walking/jogging. Insanity is the exact tool that I got me going while jogging/running. I couldn’t jog or run. Last Friday I did 2.24 miles just in 28 minutes and on Monday, I did the same route in 24minutes. My first 5k is coming up on Nov.20th. I think after completing Insanity I should be able to run the 5k’s and hoping to finish in around 40-45 minutes since it’s gonna be my first one.

I completed Max Recovery first thing this morning. I did so much better this morning than last week. I said I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to do this workout anymore. Well I’m glad that I did; I was so focused this time and was able to keep up with most of it. I even burned more calories than last time. I have less than 3weeks to go to complete this insane program and I’m so excited for this new workout program that I will be starting on November 1st can’t wait…DIG DEEPER!!!

I have to put that out there- I had a Light Fat Free Vanilla Activia Yogurt I couldn’t even finish it because of too much sugar only 7g. I’ve been buying plain yogurt but they don’t have plain on Activia but they’re on sale...

Pumpkin Oatmeal was perfect for breakfast especially it was on the 60’s this morning. Since I make oatmeal twice a week (Mon. & Thur.) so why not try it with pumpkin. My little guy and I ate everything except for my hubby, oh I’m not surprised he’s a picky eater and not a fan of oats.

Ingredients: Oats, Pumpkin, Water/Milk, Cinnamon, Vanilla extract, little bit of Brown Sugar, and Pumpkin Pie Spice…


Betty Ray said...

Congrats on working up to your 5K. Just finishing, no matter the time, is a huge accomplishment. And it seems you are doing better than me with Month 2. I just can't get into it. LOL

FitMama said...

Thanks Betty!!! I applaud anyone who pushes play to do Insanity. I know you’ll see the finish line, you can do it.