Monday, October 18, 2010

Insanity- Week 9

Day 53-Max Recovery
Day 54- Max Interval Circuit
Day 55- Core Cardio and Balance
Day 56- Rest Day
Day 57- Max Interval Plyo

I’m still going strong with Insanity and only have 5 more days to go. I still can’t believe I make it that far; before starting I read where some people barely made it to Month2 but I’m glad I stick to the program. We’ve been going to a Family Walk 3 days (Mon-Wed-Fri) a week to the park while I’m there I still do my running.

I’m so addicted to BeachBody workouts after Insanity I’ll be starting with ChaLEAN Extreme on November 1st. I’ll be taking one week off doing some YogaX, and Core Synergistics. ChaLEAN is a 90-days program of 3 phases (burn, push, lean) I’ve been thinking I may end up doing it for 120-days so I can complete the “Lean for life phase”. Her workout schedule is 5-days a week so I’ll be adding Insanity Month 1 cardio; I’ll be all set until February 2011...

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